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Senior Scholarship Application - forms due April 15, 2020

Each year, Pennian Bank gives out $2500 worth of scholarship money to local high school students pursuing a degree in a business-related field. As the costs of education continue to increase and students are exploring different avenues of higher learning, we’ve made a few changes this year. We’ll still be awarding $2500 worth of scholarship money, but it will be broken out into 2, $1000 and 1, $500 scholarships, in hopes this money can go further for each student.

Students will be required to complete an application to be considered for a scholarship. The 2, $1000 scholarships need to be either a customer of Pennian Bank or the applicant must have an immediate family member as a customer. There will be no restriction on their field of study, as long as they are furthering their education beyond high school. 

The $500 scholarship will be for a student furthering their education in an agricultural-related field. This applicant does not have to be a customer of Pennian Bank.

Students can mail or email applications, which will include an essay and a letter of reference. 

Customer Scholarship Application Form
Agricultural Scholarship Application Form

United Way of Mifflin-Juniata's Dancing with the Stars
April 4
- @ the Londonberry Restaurant, Reedsville
Donation information:
Holly Tusing, Branch Executive Officer, of the Fermanagh and Main Office Branches , and Isaiah Wisehaupt, Head Teller/CSO, of the Fermanagh Branch will be one of the couples participating in this year’s event.  You can donate directly to Holly Tusing or Isaiah Wisehaupt by cash, or check (made payable to the “United Way”).  You can also donate online at  Just click donate, and under the “Designation Other” box, please include “Holly and Isaiah DWTS” to ensure it is counted towards our personal fundraising goal.  All online donations need to be completed no later than March 28th, and cash/check donations no later than April 2nd. 

United Way of Mifflin-Juniata will provide a tax-deductible donation letter if requested for a cash or check donation.  Please simply provide your name and address to Holly or Isaiah to ensure you receive this letter following your donation.

Charitable Donations:

It is Pennian Bank's mission to support our community organizations and have granted thousands of donation requests since our inception in 1864. Because we receive multiple requests daily, priority will be given to bank customers whose organizations foster growth and development within the communities we support.

Pennian Bank does not consider donation requests from the following:

  • Requests from individuals (trips, sports tournaments, etc)
  • Requests for political organizations or events
  • Requests for business start-up/operating costs
  • Requests that are out of our market area
  • Requests that involve drugs/alcohol/adult content

Please click the link below to make your Donation Request:

Donation Request Form

For questions, please contact Heather Miltenberger at [email protected] or Bobbi Leister at [email protected].