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Calendar Artwork/Photography - 2021 Pennian Bank Calendar
Each year the local schools submit artwork for our Pennian Bank calendar. Unfortunately, with schools not being in session, we were unable to obtain artwork from the students. This year, we have decided to accept artwork and photography from all of you! In order for your entries to be considered, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Artwork should be 12” by 18” flexible paper
  • Preferably color
  • Horizontally designed
  • Bright mediums work best. Shading will be lost in reproduction.
  • Chalk, charcoal and pastel drawings must be sprayed with a fixative.
  • Digital photos must be sent in a high resolution format and emailed to [email protected]

Must submit artwork/photography by Friday, June 26, 2020 to any Pennian Bank location.

Charitable Donations:

It is Pennian Bank's mission to support our community organizations and have granted thousands of donation requests since our inception in 1864. Because we receive multiple requests daily, priority will be given to bank customers whose organizations foster growth and development within the communities we support.

Pennian Bank does not consider donation requests from the following:

  • Requests from individuals (trips, sports tournaments, etc)
  • Requests for political organizations or events
  • Requests for business start-up/operating costs
  • Requests that are out of our market area
  • Requests that involve drugs/alcohol/adult content

Please click the link below to make your Donation Request:

Donation Request Form

For questions, please contact Heather Miltenberger at [email protected] or Bobbi Leister at [email protected].