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Making the Change to Pennian Bank


As The First National Bank of Mifflintown begins to make the change to Pennian Bank, you may start to see some changes on the outside. However, the familiar faces and service you've come to expect will remain the same. To help you understand the changes, here are a few answers to get you started.

Click here to read the press release on the charter and name change.

Name Change FAQs

Why are we changing our name?

We are converting from a National to a State-chartered bank. Because of this change, we had to remove the “National” from our name, which in turn presented us with a wonderful opportunity to come up with a new name. As we begin to move into surrounding areas, we ran into brand confusion with First National Bank of PA. The leadership and Board of Directors felt that we needed a name that stood out from the crowd.

Why are we switching to a State charter? 

Having a State charter pairs us with regulators that are more in touch with our issues as a community bank.

So why the name Pennian Bank?

Pennian is a nod to our geography; Pennsylvania. It’s unique and memorable, but still ties us to our local roots.

Is the Bank being bought or merging with another bank?

No. We are as committed as ever to remaining an independent, community bank.

Will the holding company, First Community Financial Corporation, change its name as well?

No. First Community Financial Corporation will remain the name of the holding company.

Will my accounts remain FDIC Insured?

Yes, nothing will change.

How does this affect my accounts?

The name change will not affect anyone’s account. Account numbers, PINs, routing numbers and all account information will remain the same.

When can I expect a new debit card and checks?

All FNBM cards and checks will continue to function normally. As an existing customer, your debit card will be reissued over time, reflecting the new name, free of charge. When it’s time to reorder checks, your order will have the new branding on them as well.

Will there be changes to Mobile Banking?

Yes. There will be a new branded app for both Apple and Android devices, for both mobile and 
tablets. The new Pennian Bank Mobile app will need to be downloaded on all devices.

Will the website change?

Yes. Effective June 30, 2017, our new URL will be We will redirect our current website to the new one to eliminate confusion and help ease the transition.

Will online banking still work?

Yes. The functionality of online banking will not be affected by this transition. It will, however, look much different. Not only will it be branded for the new name and logo, but it’s being upgraded at the same time.

Will the email addresses for staff change?

Yes. The new email addresses will be [email protected] Emails sent to previous email addresses will be forwarded.