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Local First, Christian Retreat Center

Local First, Christian Retreat Center

Christian Retreat Center

Local First Christian Retreat Center

Our Local First Program allows customers to designate eligible checking or savings accounts to participating nonprofit organizations. 

Once an organization reaches 20 or more supporters, quarterly donations are made by the bank. These donations are calculated based on the average balance in the customers’ accounts. Donations are made directly from Pennian. It’s a cost free way for our customers to support their favorite local organization.

Today we are featuring our most recent organization to reach 20 supporters, the Christian Retreat Center (CRC)

Here’s a little more about them:

About: CRC is located in East Waterford, PA. The heart and soul of CRC is their summer programs, which include their Youth Camps and Together in Mission Services (TIMS) program.

Programs: CRC is blessed with amazing facilities! The main facilities include the Cabins, Hillside Dining Hall and the White Oak Lodge. These facilities are used during summer camp and TIMS, but are also used for various guest groups throughout the year. The camp is full nearly every weekend as they welcome youth groups, marriage retreats, church-wide events, family reunions, pastor retreats, crafting retreats and various other events. CRC is also in the midst of updating 19 campsites.

In the summer, CRC offers youth camps for children ages 6 to 18 years old. Each week is designed for a specific age group with activities and events based on their ages. CRC’s TIMS program allows youth groups to come to CRC and serve people with various needs in the community.

To learn more: Visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram at Christian Retreat Center. Find out more about their camps or how to host an event to help you retreat and break away from the normal rhythms of life. 

We are proud to support CRC and hope you will consider supporting them how you are able! Supporter forms and additional information can be found here.