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Why Community Banking?

Why Community Banking?

Why should you bank local?

Community banking benefits your family, your business and your community. Back before there were so many options, people shopped locally, banked locally and socialized locally. They didn’t think twice about it, because there was no other way. Community banks provided essential financial services that couldn’t be found anywhere else to local residents and businesses. Fast forward to 2021 where there are more banking options than we’ve ever seen before, it’s easy to forget the importance of “local” when you’re shopping around to find the “best rate”.

Here are a few reasons to bank local:

  1. While it may sound cliché, we value our customers. We greet you by name and ask how you and your family are doing, etc. We pride ourselves on serving our neighbors and do our best to give each customer the attention they need and deserve!
  2. We offer a full menu of services. Sometimes ads might have you believing megabanks have more options to choose from, but that isn’t always true. Most community banks offer the same services and products, possibly even more. Often times, we are even able to offer a service tailored to an individual or business’s specific needs.
  3. Decisions made locally which results in faster turn-around time. Decisions are made in-house, so there are less hoops to jump through. We make it as easy and quick as possible.
  4. We invest in our community. The donation requests are endless at times, but we do our best to donate to local schools, sports teams, sponsor events, etc.

If you’re a small business looking for a bank, remember that local banks are just like you. According to the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), despite the huge number of megabank branches across the country, community banks still provide nearly 50 percent of small business loans, and that number is even greater in rural areas. They estimate that approximately 82 percent of national agricultural loans are provided by community banks and credit unions. That money directly benefits your local community. The big banks send your money out to branches all across the country in forms of loans and investments, but when you bank locally, your community bank is channeling your money back into the local community. One way we’ve done this is by creating a Local First Program, which supports organizations that make our communities a better place to live and work. We know that our success is tied to the health of the local economy, and by choosing a community bank, you are helping your neighbors and small businesses succeed.