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West Shore Office Anniversary

Celebrations in the era of COVID-19

West Shore Office Anniversary

Celebrating One Year By Helping Our Community

WSO Anniversary Celebration

It's been a year since we opened our West Shore Office in Lemoyne, and what a year it's been! 

Typically we celebrate via traditional means. Cake! Giveaways! Networking events! As fun as those are (who doesn't love cake?!) COVID threw a wrench in all of our celebration plans. But it's also made us all reevaluate what's important. 

We decided the best way to celebrate was to give back to the community that welcomed us. Local nonprofits are in overdrive helping residents that are have been affected by the current state of the world. We gave $500 to each of our West Shore team members and gave them free reign to give it to a local organization whose mission they believe in. 

Five team members, five organizations, $2,500. Here's how it broke down:

  • Dragan Dodik, SVP, Market Executive, chose Team Scott Inspire. Their mission is to unite the community as one family with a "desire to inspire kindness" while actively supporting and raising funds for outreach programs that provide vital services to our youth. 
  • Candice Neff Hull, VP, Relationship Banking Supervisor, chose Bethesda Mission. They reach out to men, women and children of all races and nationalities providing the poor and homeless with shelter, clothes, food and discipling them into the Christian life.
  • Elyse Brubaker, VP, Commercial Loan Officer, chose Medard's House. Their mission is to help teens connect with West Shore and other local support programs to assist with tutoring, counseling, spiritual growth, a hot meal, college applications and more. 
  • Stacy Durbin, Relationship Banker, chose Autism in Classrooms. This organization has a mission to take away the negative stigma associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing acceptance and understanding to individuals with a diagnosis, by providing literature to the next generation via classroom setting. 
  • Nathan Cook, Branch Executive Officer, chose the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. Their mission is to fight hunger, improve lives and strengthen communities in Central Pennsylvania.