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What service options are available? 

With Online Banking you can check your account balances, view your current and previous statements, search for particular recent transactions, pay bills to almost anyone in the U.S., transfer money between your accounts at Pennian Bank, transfer funds to an account at another bank, open a new account, pay your loans, and view images of your checks and deposits  

How much does it cost?  

Our Online Banking and bill payment through CheckFree are FREE. 

How is my financial and personal information protected? 

Strong encryption and firewalls are used. You create your unique User ID and Password. Please keep your password confidential so that others can't access your accounts. You will be disconnected after a period of inactivity. You will be required to change your password every 90 days. Multifactor authentication is also used to verify you are being connected to the appropriate site.  

Can I access business accounts through Online Banking?

You can access small business accounts such as a sole proprietorship through Online Banking, but for added functionality, you may want to check into our Business Online Banking product. Click here for more information.  

What is encryption and why do I need it?

Encryption refers to scrambling data so that unauthorized parties can't decipher it. It is important your confidential information remains secure as it is passed between your PC and our Online Banking server. To ensure your information is as secure as possible, we require that your browser uses128-bit encryption.  

How do I apply for Online Banking?

You can either stop at any of our branches and fill out an application, or you can print our application from our website. Click here to view the application. Once you print the application, you can either mail it, fax it or drop it off.

How soon after I apply can I begin?

When we receive and process your application, we will send you an email with instructions on your first-time log on. You should receive this email within a couple of days. 

Can my Online Banking work with my personal financial software? 

You can export a file to be used with Microsoft Money and most versions of Quicken.

Who can I contact for help and when?

If you are having trouble logging on or with any feature, please call 717-436-2144. Our hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  

What are the advantages of Online Banking?

You can view your account balances and transactions 24/7*. You can request transfers among your accounts. You can sign up for our free online bill pay. You can order checks or request stop payments. All from the comfort of your home.
* At times it may be necessary to perform system maintenance, which will limit your access for brief periods of time.  

Can I view an image of a check online?

Yes. You can view images of items on your current or most recent previous statement by clicking on the check number. If you need to search for an image from a prior statement, you can find it by using the Image Search under the Transaction Menu.  

What software and/or hardware do I need to use Online Banking?

To take full advantage of features available with Online Banking, ensure that the following requirements are met: 
Internet access 
Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP,  Windows Vista, and Windows 7: 
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher 
Mozilla Firefox version 3.4 or higher 
Opera version 10.0 or higher 
Google Chrome 4.0 or higher
Mac OS X:
Apple Safari version 5.0 or higher 
Mozilla Firefox version 3.4 or higher 
Opera version 10.0 or higher 

 What should I do if I am having problems signing into your Online Banking with Internet Explorer 9? 

 Click here to see how to access your Online Banking.  

Where do I get a User ID and Password?

When you receive your email after you apply, you will be given instructions on how to create your unique User ID and Password. Remember that both are case sensitive, and you should always keep them confidential.  

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

You can click on the Forgotten Password link and your password will be sent to the email we have on record for you. If the email we have is invalid, you will need to call 717-436-2144 to get your password reset. Help is available from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. 

My password did not work three times and now I can't get in. What should I do?

You will need to call 717-436-2144 to get your account unlocked. Help is available from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.  

How do I transfer funds online?

You can use Express Transfer for a quick one-time transfer. You will see this as a presentment on your checking or savings account immediately. Or from the account screen you can click on Transfer and go through the transfer wizard to set up either a one-time or scheduled transfer. Scheduled transfer will not show as presentments on your account. If you are doing a one time transfer for the current business day, it is best to use the Express Transfer function.  

Can I do a scheduled transfer online?

Yes. From the account screen, click on the Transfer button. Choose the From account and click on scheduled transfer. You will need to enter the amount, frequency and date for the transfer.  

Can I change that transfer if I need to?

Yes. Click on the account that is scheduled to make the transfer. Click on the Transfer button and select the transfer you want to change. After changing the necessary option, click on the Update button to complete your request.  

How soon after I transfer money online will it be available in my account?

Funds that you transfer from another account will be available immediately if you use Express Transfer. Scheduled transfers will be available next business day.  

What are the advantages of online bill payment?

Pennian Bank Online Bill Pay through CheckFree provides you with the ability to pay all your bills from one location without having to write out checks or purchase stamps. You can schedule payments in the future, or set up recurring payments. You will also be able to track your payments. The funds will not be removed from your account until the payment date that you specify when you set up your payment. You can sign up to receive e-bills from some of your billers so you can even eliminate paper.  

Can I apply for a loan online?

We now offer personal term loans and lines of credit you can apply for online, get a response in minutes and receive funding within 3 business days!

How often do I need to change my password?

Your password will expire every 90 days.       

If I do a transaction online over the weekend, when will it post to my account?

It will be memo-posted immediately and will post with the update of the first business day following the weekend.