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ID TheftSmart

Don’t wait to become a victim of identity theft, get protected today!

Pennian Bank and Kroll Fraud Solutions have teamed up to provide top of the line identity theft and fraud investigation services. With ID TheftSmart, not only will you receive full service identity restoration from a licensed investigator, but you will also have a resource to help answer questions and provide guidance on fraud related concerns.

The price for the single bureau credit monitoring, ID Integrity Scan and ID Theft Restoration Service is $7.99 per person, per month. Minor monitoring can be added on, for up to 4 minors, for an additional $4.00 per month.

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Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring will notify you of activity on your credit file. Alerts will be sent if any of the following activities are detected:

  • New account opening
  • Credit inquiries
  • Payment delinquency
  • Public record changes
  • Change of address

Alerts can be sent through email or U.S. Mail. Email alerts will be sent on a daily basis and no new notifications will be sent monthly. Mailed alerts are provided monthly and quarterly if there are no changes.

ID Theft Restoration

Restoration includes confirming fraud, investigating and identifying its starting point. Even if you have a credit monitoring service already in place, consider this: the Federal Trade Commission estimates that it will take 6 months, 200 hours and $1,500 to restore your identity once it has been stolen.

If you identity is stolen, licensed investigators will:

  • Confirm identity fraud and determine its nature and scope
  • Assist in obtaining a police report
  • Provide a tri-merged credit report and perform full non-credit searches
  • Work on your behalf until ALL identity theft issues have been verifiably resolved
  • Place seven-year fraud victim statements with credit reporting agencies, when applicable

ID Integrity Scan

ID Integrity Scan is an early warning Online Fraud Detection service that performs regular searches of the Internet for your personal and financial information. If suspicious activity is found, you will be alerted through email immediately.
Benefits Include:

  • Monitor your name and social security number on millions of public records through a secure online registry
  • Register personal identifying information such as address and credit card information to be found and removed from Internet directories at your discretion
  • View the risk status of each tracked item on your personalized Fraud Detection Dashboard
  • Receive email alerts immediately if there is any change in the status of a tracked item
  • Sign up securely online with a unique membership number provided by Pennian Bank.

If you need assistance or suspect you are a victim of identity theft please call 855-848-8803.

To enroll in this service, please visit any Pennian Bank office or call 717-436-2144 for more information.