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Visa Debit Card

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I lose my debit card?

Immediately call us at 717-436-2144 or 800-528-2273 if you believe your card is lost or stolen. If you have our MobiMoney app, you can turn your card off until it’s located.

Is there a charge to use my debit card?

 There are no monthly or annual fees to use your debit card.

My spouse and I have a joint account. Can we each have a debit card for the same account?

Yes, you and your spouse can both be issued your own cards, which will have different card numbers, but will be connected to the same account.

If I use my debit card to shop or get cash outside of the United States, will I pay the top rate of exchange?

No, when you use your debit card to get cash or shop abroad, you will be given favorable exchange rate on the transaction amount that is deducted from your account.

Am I liable for fraudulent charges?

As a Pennian Bank customer, you will not be liable if charges are proved to be fraudulent.