Visa Debit Card

Pennian Bank is proud to offer the Visa Debit card, available on applicable accounts. The versatility of the Visa Debit card allows you to withdraw money from the ATM, with the added buying power of the Visa symbol. You can make everyday purchases from your checking account at merchants where Visa is accepted.

It’s Easy and Convenient
Simply present your Visa Debit card at the time of purchase and the amount will automatically be deducted from your checking account. Every transaction will be detailed on either your paper or electronic statement for easy record keeping. With no checkbook to carry and check to write, you’ll be out of the store and on your way in no time.

Visa Debit Card FAQs

Q. What if I lose my Visa Debit Card?

A. Immediately telephone us at 717-436-2144 if you believe your card is lost or stolen, or you may call 1-800-528-2273.

Q. What is a Visa Debit Card?

A. Pennian Bank’s Visa Debit card is a plastic card that looks like a credit card, that is used to make purchases. Funds to pay for transactions will be debited from your checking account upon merchant settlement. Any merchant that accepts Visa will accept your Visa Debit card.

Q. Why should I use a Visa Debit Card?

A. Using your Visa Debit card saves you the inconvenience of writing a check, plus you’ll save money because you won’t have as many checks to buy. Also, merchants that accept Visa will accept your Visa Debit card even though they may not accept personal checks for purchases.

Q. Who will accept my Visa Debit Card?

A. Your Visa Debit card will be accepted by any merchant that accepts Visa.

Q. Is there a charge to have my Visa Debit Card?

A. There is currently no monthly or annual fee for your Visa Debit card.

Q. My spouse and I have a joint account. Can we each have a Visa Debit Card tied to the same account?

A. Yes. You and your spouse can both be issued your own cards, which will have different card numbers, but the account information on the cards will be the same.

Q. Will I be charged to use my Visa Debit Card at an ATM?

A. There is no fee to use your Visa Debit card at any Pennian Bank ATM. There is a fee when you use your card at an ATM not owned by Pennian Bank to make withdrawals or deposits; plus that institution may also assess a surcharge fee. You can use your card to make deposits at all Pennian Bank ATMs and certain other ATMs that indicate they accept deposits.

Q. Can I withdraw money from my statement savings account at an ATM?

A. Yes. If you specify that you want your statement savings account to be accessible by your Visa Debit card either when you apply for the card or by adding it at a late date. You can have more than one checking account and more than one statement savings account tied to your Visa Debit card. However, all purchases will come out of the account you designate as you “primary” account on the application. You must have a checking account to use your Visa Debit card in a transaction other than with a PIN number. We cannot open a Visa Debit card with only a savings account, due to certain regulations.

Q. Can I get cash back at a merchant location?

A. Yes, some merchants will allow you to authorize more than the cost of goods or services purchased and receive the difference in cash when you enter your pin to use your Visa Debit card.

Q. What do I do if I want to return something I purchased with my Visa Debit Card?

A. Resolve the issue directly with the merchant where you made the purchase. When using the Visa Debit card, your rights relating to merchandise and refunds are the same as if you paid by cash or check.

Q. Can I use my Visa Debit Card to place orders over the telephone?

A. Yes. If the company accepts Visa as payment over the phone and your primary account number is a checking account, you can simply provide the information they request. Never tell someone your PIN to make a purchase. You should always be asked to enter it yourself or to sign the receipt instead of using a PIN number.

Q. What are some qualifications Pennian Bank considers before issuing a Visa Debit Card?

A. We will consider the average balance in your accounts, your insufficient funds history and the length of time your account has been opened and in good standing with us.

Q. What should I do if a merchant’s terminal gives me a choice between debit or credit?

A. With your Visa Debit card, you can choose either one. However, by selecting credit, you avoid any Point of Sales fees that may be charged to you. Your selection only determines how the merchant processes the transaction, not how you pay for it. Your payment is always deducted from your Primary Checking Account. If you select debit, you will be required to enter your PIN. If you select credit, you will sign a receipt.

Q. When I shop with my Pennian Bank Visa Debit Card, do I need to show two forms of ID just as if I would be paying by check?

A. No. With your Visa Debit card, the hassle of a check approval process is eliminated. The card is accepted just like any other Visa purchase.

Q. Is Pennian Bank Visa Debit Card another type of credit card?

A. No. With credit cards, you borrow money to pay for purchases and you repay the loan either in full each month or over time, which includes paying interest. With Pennian Bank Visa Debit card, purchases are automatically deducted from your account. Since you are using your own money to make purchases, there are no finance charges.

Q. If I use my Visa Debit Card to shop or get cash outside the United States, will I pay the top rate of exchange?

A. No. When you use your Pennian Bank Visa Debit card to get cash or shop abroad, you will be given a favorable exchange rate on the transaction amount that is deducted from your account.


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