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Trust, Financial and Retirement Services

Trust, Financial and Retirement Services

We offer a variety of trust, financial and retirement services to our customers, including:

Estate Planning and/or Estate Settlement

  • Assist in carrying out the exact wishes of each customer as outlined in their will
  • Minimize estate and income tax burdens
  • Provide professional asset administration
  • Complete accounting and full reporting to beneficiaries

Personal Trusts

  • Professionally manage assets and provide protection of assets from misappropriation
  • Trustee may act on behalf of a customer to pay bills and file taxes
  • Can be made part of the estate plan
  • Provides continuity in the event of incapacity of customer

Charitable Trusts

  • Provide professional management of assets for the benefit of a charitable entity
  • May be created by provisions under a person’s will for a specific charitable purpose
  • May also be established by individual charity to be the centralized account of various donor’s gifts in order to efficiently invest funds for maximum benefit to the charity

Guardianships/Power of Attorneys

  • Provide professional management and administration of assets for those who are no longer able to manage their assets, collect income and pay bills
  • Relieves the burden from one individual having to completely manage another’s life

Investment Management Accounts (Agent)

  • Provide a thorough analysis of the client’s investment objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance that will determine a customized, personal investment strategy using a mix of equity and fixed income vehicles selected by the Trust Department to meet the client’s goals
  • Clients may choose to have the Trust Department monitor, reassess and adjust the portfolio on a continual basis in line with the specified objectives, or clients may receive recommendations submitted for their approval


  • Provides custody and safekeeping of assets in one secure place
  • Trust Department collects dividends and interest payments and provides statements
  • Record-keeping and administrative activity is handled by the custodian
  • Customer directs investment decisions and retains control of portfolio

Retirement Accounts

  • IRA, Roth IRA, Education IRA, Simple IRA, Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plan, Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP) and other retirement vehicles provide retirement planning utilizing Trust Department’s professional investment abilities, may be self-directed by the client
  • Employee Benefit Trusts and Agencies are for those companies seeking pension plans, profit-sharing plans and 401(k) plans for their employees
  • Employee record keeping, detailed reporting and professional asset management are provided

Investment and fiduciary services offered through the Trust Department.

Depending on the type of investment, your investment may be subject to fluctuations in market value. It is important to note that investments with the Trust Department are not FDIC insured. Investments with the trust department are not a deposit, not guaranteed by the bank, and not insured by any federal government agency and can be subject to a loss of principal.

Investment and insurance products offered through Cetera Investment Services. 

FINRA/SIPC . First Community Financial Consulting is a trade name of the bank. Cetera and the bank are not affiliated. Products and services made available through Cetera are not insured by the FDIC or any other agency of the United States and are not deposits or obligations of nor guaranteed or insured by any bank or bank affiliate. These products are subject to investment risk, including the possible loss of value. NOT FDIC INSURED. NOT INSURED BY ANY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY. NOT GUARANTEED BY THE BANK. MAY GO DOWN IN VALUE.

Previously Opened Online Brokerage Accounts

If you previously opened a brokerage account online please note that we are now working with Cetera Investment Services. However, you may still access your Brokerage account that was opened with Infinex Investments, Inc. Please click here to access that link.